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Classroom and School Support opportunities

Parent's Zone

In-School activities for parents

We welcome parental involvement in various school and classroom activities throughout the school year. Parents are offered opportunities to participate in the activities listed below:

  • Reading Together For Fun - Junior and Senior Infant Rooms Fridays with parents and/or grandparents
  • Classroom support in Infant Rooms 8.40 - 9.30 each morning (any parent can sign up to support Infant teachers for morning activities)
  • Parent's Association - all parents welcome to get involved in any activity organized by the P.A. such as Sport's Day, Green Day, Fund Raising etc.
  • Lending Library - Parents have helped set up and will be running our new lending library starting in November.
  • Credit Union - Parents distribute, collect and count children's credit union savings weekly.
  • Counting Copper Pig money.
  • Maths For Fun will be organized at First Class level after mid-term.
  • Storytime with your child - Marino Project. Parents training in bedtime story reading with their child.
  • Yard Painting - parents will be helping with stenciling our school yard after mid-term.
  • Hall Decoration - parents take over the task of decoration for Halloween, Christmas etc.
  • A Homework Support Group will be set up before Christmas.

To all the Volunteer Parents who are always ready to help with photocopying, sorting books, decorating Parent's Room, and a multitude of other school activities, we are very grateful.

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