Our Lady Immaculate Junior School

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Parent's Zone

It is the policy of the school to assign homework on a regular basis. No homework will be given at weekends. Homework is a very important part of your child's learning. Homework should not take very long. Click on the icon above for a copy of our Homework Policy.

How can you help your child with homework?

Show an interest in your child's work. Children will work harder if they believe that you are interested in what they are doing.
Decide a time which is suitable for doing homework, and insist on it being done at that time.
When homework is being done, turn off the radio, television e.t.c.
You can help your child with homework, but never do the homework for him or her.
If you think the homework is causing stress or worry talk to the teacher.
Please sign your homework everynight.
If there is a reason homework can not be done please tell the teacher.

We ask for your cooperation in seeing that it is done.

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